Music to work to

I am spending an awful lot of time sitting at my desk writing at the moment. Frankly a silly amount, but deadlines are a looming, and much as I enjoy watching them as they go whooshing past in general, this one really is rather solid and doesn’t really stand up to any nonsense, so sit and write I must.

But not only is this bad for my behind (writers bottom is a thing). But it is also bad for my ears. I love listening to music, and generally have some form playing at most times. I grew up in a house where jazz FM practically seeped out of the walls. But I’m processing some pretty heavy data at the moment, as well as trying to turn the results into readable prose, and need to avoid any distractions.

So what can I listen to while slaving away over a hot mac? Anything with lyrics in is a no go. I wish I was a good multi tasker, but alas I am not. So therefore listening to and understanding people singing words, while also writing words that should be understood is not easy for me. I’m also not the biggest fan of classical music…I know, I know, philistine, clearly. In the right place and the right time, I don’t mind a spot of Brahms, but if I listen to it while working, I just feel TOO worthy and also a bit bored.

So what I come down to, every single time is this:


MAN, this album is so good. Crazy good. And I have listened to it about 50 million times. Every single track is an absolute masterclass in how to compose and perform really really bloody good jazz. I love Miles generally, and Milestones comes in at a close second favourite, but this album is heaven itself.

Perfect to work to, perfect to chill out to, I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m on the search for other really good instrumental jazz though, so please send any suggestions my way! That is, if I ever take this album off repeat…


Currently obsessing over…



(Photo via Hommemaker)

Succulents. Like, completely obsessed. I’m finding ways of bringing all conversations round to them. It’s like,

Poor unsuspecting friend: “oh hey, how are you?’

Me: “Oh good, you know what else is good? PLANTING SUCCULENTS.”

PUF: …*backs away slowly*

Seriously though. I love them. They’re so smooth and calm and chic and somehow cooler than you are. I feel a little bit like they might be the Gwyneth Paltrow of the plant world, pre the whole ‘conscious uncoupling’ thing.



(Photo via Pinterest)

I recently went on a succulent buying mission to B&Q, but it turns out that succulents are actually way too cool for B&Q and weren’t there. Despite going to B&Q specifically to buy some of these bad boys, I wasn’t too bummed out as I got to spend a ton of time looking for trolleys, queuing, and hanging out with all the cool guys, just chilling in the car park. IT WAS HELL.

I had to calm down by coming home and looking at pictures like this



(Photo via Pinterest)

See? So calming.

However, the gods of the succulents were looking down on me, as I was walking past this little pop up florist later in the day on a shopping run, and lo and behold – there were some adorable mini succulents, looking like they were waiting for me, like long lost plant loves. I slightly freaked out the florist by being so excited, and she gave 6 of them to me for the bargain price of £1.89 each. Is it a bargain? I have literally no idea. Plant pricing is a new and alien concept to me, but here I did feel a little bit like I was buying happiness. Especially after the horrors of B&Q. To be completely honest, I would probably still have bought them even if they had been a fiver. Because did I mention that I love them?


At the moment they’re just chilling out in their new glass home in the little plastic pots they came in. Soon, they will be given new soil and grit, so they can be a bit more comfortable and a little bit less pot-y, but that requires specialist knowledge about draining, which requires asking my Mama, as she knows everything.

Right now they’re hanging out on my dressing table and generally making me feel fulfilled and happy and that little bit chic-er. Such is the power of the plants. LOVE THEM.

Soon, my life will look like this, and I will be happy forever more:


(photo via blushinginthedark)