How to be productive


How To Be Productive

I discovered this infographic today on Abbey’s blog (she is awesome, go read her stuff), and was interested by it.

I have to be honest, I look at infographics all day every day, and this one is actually not brilliantly designed. I kind of get where they were going with the idea, but I’m not sure it 100% works. HOWEVER. I thought the things on it, were quite interesting.

‘Discard what you stop using’. I have to admit it, I am a bit of a hoarder. I have half used notebooks from 2008, jewellery I wore at one party that turned my neck green and books that I have never read. This is not a good thing, and something that I am desperately trying to correct. My dad is obsessed with ‘rationalisation’ and is constantly throwing things away, I need to be the same. Henceforth, if I do not know it to be useful, or believe it to be beautiful it is going to go. (NB, this does not apply to my hoarded collection of past issues of Elle decoration. They stay, sorry Dad.)

‘Routinize your diet’: (First of all, are we really spelling ‘routinize’ like that. Really? Let’s not.) This is interesting. I am a huge believer in routine, and I also know that when I miss meals, I get super grouchy, so the idea of building in a definite time to eat, rather than just grabbing a sandwich on the run seems appealing. Especially if it will then aid productivity… But its hat what it is saying? Or does it mean, like, eat the same food every day? Because I think that would be boring, although maybe I’d be more productive if I wasn’t spending so much time looking at How Sweet Eats looking for recipes.

‘Sleep more. You will get more done.’: YES. Sleep is so good. And good for you. When I was in my first year of uni, I got into terrible habits of staying up super late, then sleeping in and missing the morning entirely. So then I stayed up all night, all day, then went to bed at 10 and woke up at 6am the following morning. It was hell for a couple of days, but then I slipped into a routine and have pretty much stayed in it ever since. It has definitely helped my productivity levels, as I have discovered that I work best very early in the morning, so if I get my work done in the am, it leaves time for fun things in the pm!

‘Do a bad first draft’: This is so true, Your first attempt is never going to be perfect, but hey at least you’ve got some words on paper! Now go congratulate yourself with an extended tea and toast break! Kidding. Don’t do that. Stay at your desk and keep working slacker! Actually getting something, anything written is the best way to get inspired, and to keep on writing. Even if none of those words end up in the final product, a start is better than nothing.

So lots of sensible ideas …

But also some bad ones …

‘Carry an all occasion outfit with you’: Because obviously I want to carry some giant holdall with me at all times. What am I Mary Poppins? Also all occasion outfits do not exist. This is a stupid idea. Don’t do that.

‘Do not answer the phone unless it is a true emergency (emergencies are rare)’: Huh. Because all productive people are hermits who never talk to anyone and live in a cave right? Nope. I had the most inspiring phone call of my life last week- it was vital to my work, and awesome for my soul (if that doesn’t sound like too much of a wanky thing to say). Had I not picked up, I would had missed out on a great opportunity, and a laughter filled half hour. Obviously, some calls are tedious and bad for productivity (I’m looking at you, Virgin Media helpline), but not all. This is a stupid idea.

‘If you have  a mind block, make a mind map’: I’m on the fence with this one. Are mind maps helpful? I find them helpful for a)showing off my extensive collection of coloured pens and b)procrastination. But maybe I’m just doing them all wrong. Have you ever used a mind map? Did it work?

I’m always super interested to find out what productivity tips other people have, and life hacks to make the most out of a working day. Tell me your secrets!